Seller Services

Art & science never coexisted so well before. Our home selling process breaks away from the ordinary, helping you realize your home's potential.


Real Estate Marketers

We have a unique marketing pedigree that is rare in the real estate industry. We treat listing a home like a major brand would treat a new product launch. Below is a glimpse of our outward facing activities:

The Basics

1. Pre-Listing Inspection

We will inspect your house to identify ways that will improve buyer desirability and minimize potential buyer objections.

2. Market Analysis

We will analyze recent sales, active listings, and overall market movement to determine an accurate price range for your home.

3. Pricing Strategy

We will discuss your needs and, based on the range we identified in our analysis, we will determine what the ideal price is.

4. House Preparation

We’ll work with you on decluttering and light staging, and we’ll make sure that your home shows as gorgeous as it really is.

5. Contract Negotiation

We’ll review with you the terms of the offer, and negotiate with the buyer to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

6. Settlement

We stay on top of deadlines, and continuously communicate with all parties to ensure a timely closing.

Teleport: Immersive Virtual Tour

It’s like having a 24/7 open house, but better. We utilize this amazing technology to create an immersive virtual walk-through of your home.

Prospective buyers can walk around at their own pace and familiarize themselves with your house. And, if a buyer has Virtual Reality goggles, they can almost feel like they are inside the house.

Everyone has a busy schedule. With Teleport, prospective buyers can visit a house at their convenience and with no disruption to your life. Once they virtually walk through it, and fall in love with it, they can schedule an appointment to view your house in person.

Teleport is also priceless for out-of-town buyers. Often they come on a house-hunting trip and have only a few days to decide. With Teleport, the house is more likely to make it to the shortlist of homes they will want to view in person.

This immersive tour gives your home a leg up on the competition.

Online Advertising

With 89% of home buyers searching for homes on the internet, shouldn’t your home be marketed online?

Data doesn’t lie. Regardless of your home’s price range, if you want to reach buyers, you have to market aggressively online. Yet, the vast majority of agents don’t even have websites.

We employ a sophisticated strategy to target the right buyers for your home, wherever they may be online.


People spend 1+ hours a day on Facebook. Our advanced tools pinpoint those likely to move, and we promote your home to them.

Google, etc

Prospective buyers start their home search with Google. We are there to capture their attention & let them know about your home.

Advanced Photography

With us, photography is not just a task to be checked-off. It is an integral part of a marketing theme we develop for each property we list.

Our advanced 3-stage photography process leads the competition. Our research shows that less than 5% of properties utilize such leading-edge technique.

Your home will be photographed by a professional photographer who specializes in real estate. Photos will then go through a two-stage post-processing to bring out the mood that will work best with your home’s overall marketing theme.

Photography is an art. Marketing is science. We blend the two to make your home stand out.

Beautifully Designed Brochures

Professionally designed, and printed on the highest quality paper, our brochures are not the cookie-cutter material you will see elsewhere.

The quality of our brochures reinforces the quality of your home. We pay great attention to the photos featured in the brochure, and employ a professional writer to prepare a description of your home.

Once a prospective buyer has visited your home, the brochure they take with them will remind them how spectacular your home is.

Detailed Floor Plans

Prospective buyers have visited your home, and they liked it. A day later, as they are about to make a decision, they are trying to figure out if your home can accommodate their furniture.

With detailed floor plans, we make it easy for buyers to picture how their furniture will fit in your home. It’s one more way we make it easy for buyers to choose your home over its competition.

And Much More

Video & Short Film

Our professional videographers take care in filming your home to highlight its best features. For select homes we produce short films with actors.

Aerial / Drone Imaging

For select homes that require more to fully showcase their potential, we produce carefully directed aerial video & photos which we integrate with our marketing plan.

Slones Certified Home

For select homes, we are able to put prospective home buyers at ease by offering certain warranties with the home, making your home a more attractive proposition.

For an informal conversation about your needs, and more details about our home selling process, please call Theo Theologis at (703) 356-2882, or send us a message below: